Medicine & health, environment & climate, travel. these are my topics.

As a pharmacist and medical journalist for many years, my focus is clearly on medicine and health. I am open to and interested in practically all topics in these areas. A personal preference and due to my own long-term illness are "syndromes" of all kinds, neuroscience, psychosomatics, psychoneuroimmunology.

 I am passionate about another topic: environment & climate. We are on the brink. Racing at full speed against the wall. I can't see it anymore. Even though I'm just a small light on this planet, I want to do my best to protect nature and the climate. That's why I'm open to topics of all kinds - including from a health perspective.

 What else drives me? Traveling. Is that climate-friendly? That's a difficult topic. I try to travel as climate-friendly as possible. Flying much less often. To explore a location. And still discover the world - whether at home or in the north. I look forward to travel topics from Bavaria, Scandinavia and the Arctic.


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