austria's mountains

I have only seen a fraction of Austria's mountains! They are so diverse, there are so many different mountain ranges, lakes, alpine pastures, huts, even still glaciers to discover.

Nevertheless, I would like to give a little insight into Austria's mountains here.


french alps

I also have only a small impression of France's Alps - but it is already breathtaking!


swiss alps

First and foremost, I've been drawn to Appenzell so far when I've visited the Swiss mountains.


slovenia's mountains

Once I was allowed to marvel at Slovenia's mountains so far.


south tyrol & Dolomites

Be honest: Who of you has not been to South Tyrol or the Dolomites? They are simply too easy to reach, too worth seeing, the food too good - you just have to go there.

Here's a little insight into South Tyrol's mountains and the magnificent Dolomites.