alaska & yukon territory


Alaska and Yukon - these names alone are associated with adventure, wilderness, freedom, right? At least that's how I feel. I was allowed to travel to Alaska and the adjacent Yukon Territory in Canada several times, in autumn and winter. What impressed me most: this vastness. And this quietness. If you arrive in Anchorage by plane, totally stressed from Europe, and drive towards Denali National Park, Fairbanks or the Dalton Highway, you immediately notice: far fewer people, far fewer cars, everyone drives at a leisurely pace, at some point you meet fewer and fewer people. You can trot along the highway - impossible here in totally overcrowded Germany, driven by the productivity mania. Suddenly a moose on the left, a brown bear on the right, whooper swans and loons on the lakes. A dream. These wildernesses are absolutely worth protecting and must not be exploited under any circumstances. Man, he just has to stop, be satisfied with what he has. Protect instead of exploit.