My first trip to Greenland took me to the west coast of the country. I was totally fascinated by these gigantic icebergs - especially near Ilulissat. It was summer, midnight sun, fog often rolled in at night, nestling around the icebergs, a cool breeze blowing from the glacier. I soon learned to appreciate it - we lived in a tent, surrounded by myriads of mosquitoes. After a few days I looked like "Miss Streuselkuchen"... There were no rental cars, you had to do everything on foot, even carry the shopping bags to the tent, the photo luggage in the backpack. But it was an experience.

The second and third trip took me to East Greenland - in autumn and winter. Already the journey was adventurous and connected with obstacles. Storm, fog, helicopter could not take off. First stuck at the airport. On one trip we went to a small sailing ship, where the person in the hammock above me hung up to my belly, turning around was also impossible. At least the diesel exhaust fogged my senses at night. But the Scoresby Sund: absolutely unique!!! In winter we went to Tasiilaq - this time comfortably in a cottage, but again all on foot, sinking in meters of snow, shoveling out, sinking deeper, sliding down the main road (the kids skied on the road). But again, fantastic scenery. But the conversations with residents also revealed another side: Alcohol problems, child abuse, suicide. The people there have no perspective, were robbed of their original way of life.